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Roger Stone Blasts Bannon After Fraud Arrest

  **FIRST APPEARED IN THE FLORIDIAN PRESS AS AN EXCLUSIVE** Shortly after former White House strategist Steve Bannon was arrested on fraud charges, Roger Stone, the longtime advisor to President Trump and veteran Republican consultant, spoke to The Floridian about the arrest of his former colleague. Federal agents took Bannon into custody aboard the $25 […]

Newly Released Emails Show the ‘Special Treatment’ I Received from the Four Rogue Prosecutors in my Case

The four so-called “non-political career line prosecutors’ in the recent Mueller witch hunt prosecution I was subjected to, all of whom are in-fact rabid partisans with direct political ties to either Clinton or Obama continue to flog the false narrative that I was somehow given ‘special treatment” when senior officials rejected their 7 to 9 […]


I always knew that Hillary Clinton was a short-tempered, foul mouthed, self-centered, entitled psychopath but I have now reached the point where I fervently believe that her upset loss to the insurgent campaign of Donald Trump in 2016 has literally driven her insane. Days after President Donald Trump commuted the sentence for my conviction in […]

Why Can’t Adam Schiff Keep His Story Straight?

***ORIGINALLY APPEARED IN THE DAILY CALLER***   Incredibly, California Congressman Adam Schiff is predicting that the Justice Department will prosecute me for perjury over testimony I voluntarily provided to Congress in September. He hasn’t explained how a member of the legislative branch could know what a department of President Trump’s executive branch has determined and […]

Stone: We Will Expose Russian FBI Informant

The recent decision by special counsel Robert Mueller to request the transcript of my 4 1/2 hours of closed -door testimony before the house intelligence committee is the result of an insidious and relentless one-year campaign of distortion and disinformation by Congressman Adam Schiff and his flunkies on House Intelligence Committee. Please remember that I […]