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Roger Stone Responds to “MARTIAL LAW” Smear

*FIRST APPEARED IN THE GATEWAY PUNDIT* Now that we are on the eve of President Trump’s re-election, the mainstream ‘news’ media’s brazen disinformation war has shifted into maximum overdrive. Their false charge that I urged the President to declare Martial Law if he lost the next election is false and must be exposed. The usual […]

Roger Stone Blasts Bannon After Fraud Arrest

  **FIRST APPEARED IN THE FLORIDIAN PRESS AS AN EXCLUSIVE** Shortly after former White House strategist Steve Bannon was arrested on fraud charges, Roger Stone, the longtime advisor to President Trump and veteran Republican consultant, spoke to The Floridian about the arrest of his former colleague. Federal agents took Bannon into custody aboard the $25 […]

Bill Gates Responds To Roger Stone’s Vaccine Criticism

FIRST APPEARED IN THE NATIONAL FILE BY PATRICK HOWLEY Republican operative Roger Stone’s criticism of the Bill Gates vaccine agenda is not falling on deaf ears. Vaccine oligarch Gates personally referred to Stone in his recent interview with Wired. In the interview, Gates admitted that most Coronavirus tests in the United States are “completely garbage.” Asked […]