By Roger Stone

Last week partisan shill Congressman Jerry Nadler called on the FBI director to “investigate Roger Stone for his ties to Wikileaks and Julian Assange”. It’s an abuse of power and a witch hunt worthy of Sen. Joe McCarthy. If Jerry Nadler had left any sense of decency he’d be ashamed. The still corpulent Congressman now admits the questions were fed to him by Clinton money-launderer David Brock.

In a scathing article by New York Post’s Paul Sperry, we learn more about the FBI’s leniency towards prime material witnesses and targets in their investigation into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Rather than clearing Clinton, the 50 plus pages of documents show a massive cover up including systematic destruction of subpoenaed evidence by Clinton’s aides and the lack of FBI interest in recovering it.  Agents failed to prosecute their duties including reconciling contradictory testimony or re interrogate uncooperative witnesses.  In addition the FBI failed to to pursue the most basic lines of standard questioning even letting Clinton aides sit in on Clinton’s interviews despite thew obvious conflict of interest.

The latest in this unraveling tale of corruption shows how the FBI granted immunity to Clinton’s e-mail administrator Paul Combetta in exchange for full cooperation and honest testimony.  The House Judiciary Committee has since learned that he lied after he was granted immunity.  That’s a felony.

From the Post’s article we learn:  FBI’s Comey said he looked “very hard” but couldn’t make an obstruction case “against any of the subjects we looked at.” He claimed not to have the evidence.

But the case suffered from the fact that he was denied evidence by Clinton and her minions, including: A personal Apple email server used by Clinton in her first two months in office.  An Apple Mac Book and thumb drive that contained her email archives, which was “lost” in the mail.  Two Black Berry devices that were missing SIM cards and SD data cards.  13 mobile devices either lost or smashed with hammers.  Two i Pads.  Server backup files that were deleted.  Copies of emails located on the laptops of Mills and another aide who got immunity that were wiped clean with software called Bleach Bit after the Benghazi committee sought the documents.  Clinton’s server email archive, which was deleted using Bleach Bit by Combetta after the emails were subpoenaed.  Backups of the server email files, which were manually deleted.

In another startling expose, this time by Fox News, The Department of Justice and the FBI conspired and carried out the destruction of notebook computers belonging to Cheryl Mills and Heather Samuelson.  Anyone that’s been following Hillary Clinton’s woes, will recognize these names.  Mills was Hillary’s Chief of Staff and Samuelson was her liaison to the White House when Hillary served as secretary of state.  Samuelson and Mills both struck side deals with the Justice Department in which (a) it agreed not to scrutinize any documents dated after January 31, 2005 and (b) the FBI would destroy Mills and Samuelson’s note book computers after conducting their search.

These actions, as reported by Fox and National Review are particularly alarming when considering the investigation involves Clinton’s destruction of documents!  If this weren’t enough the Justice Department granted immunity to these Clinton minions!

This mass destruction of evidence was known to FBI Director Comey.  It’s in his investigative case summary. Yet he couldn’t make an obstruction case?  Obviously, they gave Hillary a pass.  Why?  The immunity issue undermined the power of the Justice Dept. to turn the FBI’s case into a grand-jury investigation with the power to subpoena.   There would be no subpoenas!   The stench gets worse.

The Justice Department leaked to the Washington Post that Mills was nothing more than a cooperative witness.  This is outrageous considering the fact that Mills lied when denying knowledge of  Hillary’s “special” server system.  What’s more, the evidence shows that it was Mills who directed PRN ( Platte River Network) to destroy the e mails on Clinton’s server and the private laptop Mills used to vet Clinton’s e mails contained loads of classified information that Mills was so worried about that her attorney obtained the immunity deal before she would surrender her computer!  If the FBI are that easily corrupted, I wonder if they can be counted on in any investigation?  Heads need to roll.