By Saint John Hunt

Announced today on national news was a report by the CIA that Russia had meddled in the election of Donald Trump. According to CNN “multiple sources with knowledge of the investigation into Russia’s hacking told CNN last week that the US intelligence community is increasingly confident that Russian meddling in the US election was intended to steer the election towards Trump, rather than simply to undermine or in other ways disrupt the political process.”

In an interview on FOX NEWS SUNDAY, Mr. Trump cast suspicion on the Democrats suggesting they might have circulated reports that Russia sought to help him get elected.  “I think it’s ridiculous.  I think it’s just another excuse [for their election defeat].  I don’t believe it.”  Trump then added that “You know I’m a smart person, I don’t have to be told the same thing in the same words every single day for the next eight years.”

The media is quick to report half of the story, spinning Trump as not interested in daily briefings by CIA.  The other half of the story, the one they don’t show is that Mr. Trump said that he “would take briefings when I needed it.”  Trump added that his vice president Mike Pence would be receiving the daily briefings.

My father, E Howard Hunt, gave almost 30 years of his life in the intelligence service, first in the OSS and then as a high-ranking officer in the CIA, I think allows me a certain insight and opinion in this matter.

For Trump to place his VP at the daily CIA briefings is a good move.  Trump is bringing his business sense to what has been, for decades, a failed Intel policy.  The president of a corporation doesn’t attend daily meetings on the everyday running of his business.  He delegates this rather mundane task to someone he can depend on.  Trump is delegating Pence to handle the daily briefings with CIA, stating that if something should come up that required his attention, he is available 24/7 on a moment’s notice.  You won’t hear that part of the story from the major TV news programs.  What we hear are half-truths designed to make Trump look careless and irresponsible.

As for the importance of ‘must attend daily briefings’, I say, did daily briefings prevent any of the CIA intelligence failures?   Did the daily attendance of Obama at his CIA briefings prevent or at least minimize the horrendous misjudgment of the CIA in the September 11, 2011 Benghazi attacks?   For that matter did the daily briefings with then president Bush prevent the attacks on the World Trade Center?  With or without these daily briefings the CIA has demonstrated a dishonest and war mongering ideology.  Let’s just look at some of the obvious ones.

The CIA coup in 1953 of democratically elected prime minister Mohammed Mosaddeq in Iran.  If the CIA is entrusted with upholding the values of democracy, then why in the hell are they over throwing a man who was elected under a democracy? Why? Greed. The British had controlled the oil industry up until that time and Mosaddeq was planning on nationalizing the process.  Declassified documents released by the Guardian in 2013 reveals the CIA involvement in the coup. (1)

The 1961 CIA attempted coup to depose Cuban Premiere Fidel Castro at the Bay of Pigs.  The success of the invasion was highly misjudged and the lives of brave men were lost, leading us to the brink of World War 3. (2)

The Vietnam war is another complete failure of the CIA to understand the North Vietnamese resolve not to have a foreign power control their country.  The French had been brutal oppressors of the Vietnamese people and after ten years they turned their ‘war’ over to us.  The CIA was placed in charge of undermining the will and moral of the Vietnamese, which they failed to do.  Instead, they launched a secret campaign of murder and genocide code named Phoenix Program where over a seven-year period 60,000 Vietnamese civilians were murdered for their perceived political views.  (3)

Six months before the 1979 Iranian revolution which overthrew the CIA placed brutal dictator Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi, the CIA concluded that “Iran is not in a revolutionary or even pre-revolutionary situation.” (4)

Most recently of course is the CIA’s assertion that the Russians hacked our election for the benefit of Donald Trump.  There has been no evidence, zero, to support that outrageous charge.

My point here is that perhaps it’s not the daily briefings that should become an issue worthy of news time.  The greater issue here is that the CIA is and always has been bent on promoting, financing, creating and soldiering these undeclared wars to subvert democracy in third world countries with disastrous consequences. Even if they’re not democracies, foreign counties have a right to govern themselves without murderous attacks from the CIA.   The CIA promotes the ideology of Russia as being our enemies.  Hillary Clinton would have (in my view) maintained this antiquated and dangerous anti-Russian policy, promoting and fueling the CIA backed coup in Syria to surround Russia with NATO allies.

Donald Trump is a business man.  He wants to do business with Russia. The dems and the news media are waging a war on Trump before he’s even started his presidency.  I’m frankly happy that he’s not going to submit to CIA briefing at which they press for their secret wars.  We need new thinking, new direction, and that’s why the American people elected Donald Trump.  I say, let the man do his job. Let him get things underway and after a year, we can ascertain his performance. Until then, leave him alone.


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    Today on Alex Jones’ InfoWars, Roger Stone had some reservations about Trump’s pick for CIA director, Rep. Mike Pompeo (R-Kan.). Stone and his guest, St. John Hunt, had a lively conversation about the efforts to stop Trump. Loads of information and insight you won’t get on corporate media. Check out the show.

  • Really enjoyed the interview on

    I just wanted to add that I “read online” (ie not exclusively trustworthy but meshes with now accepted fact that accompanies it) that Nobel Prize winning and recognized poet Pablo Neruda was assassinated by Chilean Dictator Pinochet on THEIR Sept 11 in 1973. Of course he was a recognized Marxist Leninist and was supported by a global socialist cartel for many years – but I do enjoy his poetry.

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    They never meant crooked Hillary to become the president! eVEN oBAMA ADMITED it, connecting himself with the politician (forgat which one) who is going to be in charge in the future. We just need to see if he has balls bigger then of his wife, which I doubt, but anyways, might be a bloody christmass; stay focused, don’t let him distract you with bs, russians, asteroids, and so on

  • G-Man

    I agree with the substance of this article wholeheartedly. However, I take issue with the author’s sentence: “For that matter did the daily briefings with then president Bush prevent the attacks on the World Trade Center ?”. Well, of course not !!! The attacks on the WTC and Pentagon were planned and perpetrated by Bush, Cheney, the NeoCons in the State Dept., Rumsfield , Wolfowitz, Fithe, several generals in the USAF, Prince Bandar, elements of the CIA, Mossad of Israel, et al.. Bush did not inadvertently let it happen. Bush and his gang MADE IT HAPPEN. Obviously there were different factions within CIA , as there are today. For a comprehensive video lecture on 9/11 enter this title into the YouTube search box: “9/11 PENTAGON ATTACK, BEHIND THE SMOKE CURTAIN, BARBARA HONEGGER” . Alternatively, you can paste this link into your address bar:

    • Sara Bridge Reinhardt

      G-man, you proved St John’s point…the warmongering CIA briefings did not prevent the 9-11 because it was planned by them

  • G-Man
    Since my link to Honegger’s video lecture did not work, I might as well share with you my list of all my favorite videos, documents, websites re 9/11 among the hundreds (?) I’ve watched.

  • Sara Bridge Reinhardt

    it is clearly plain that it was a secret cia drone designed to frighten you into submission and belief in aliens.

  • Sara Bridge Reinhardt

    how’s this for ya? my husband is a convert from islam to Jesus Christ. SOME MYSTERIOUS ENTITY ublished the “top 200 converts from Islam” on you tube, and my husband appears there prominently. (different name) the photo it shows of him is from the time he was WORKING FOR THE CIA. so under obombya, the cia published a hit list on you tube for muslims to find apostates and kill them. BUH BYE obombya

  • Roger Wilson

    What a joke